Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot Milk vs. Hot Water

My obsession with hot chocolate continues...I think everyone loves hot chocolate! if you don’t, there’s definitely something wrong with you! lol…but no, really. by reading an actual hot chocolate package, i was reminded that one can make hot chocolate by adding hot milk or hot water. i forgot about adding hot milk to make hot chocolate. so, me being the scientist i am, decided to experiment with the hot milk protocol. my oh my, what a difference a solvent makes! then I thought to myself, this can be a great blog topic: Hot Milk vs. Hot Water!

One must assume that making hot chocolate with hot milk is far more rewarding than making it with hot water and my experiment proved that to be true. i started thinking, am I living my life with hot milk or hot water? i equate these solvents to living (hot milk) vs. existing (hot water). are we all just living a hot water hot chocolate kind of life or are we living a hot milk hot chocolate kind of life?

Hot chocolate made with hot water is good, indeed. it does hit the spot and grants that comfort that we need sometimes. but, it can also be rather flat as well. this is merely existing in life my friends. we do what is required or expected from us in life and live in a box. we just do enough to make it to the next 24 hours. there is no zeal, no animation, no life! we move forward in places where we don't really want to be. we settle for mediocrity and complacency. But why?

On the other hand, hot chocolate made with hot milk is an experience! this is living life my friends! this is doing what no one expects you to do. this is laughing for no reason and loving like tomorrow is never going to be here. hot milk represents a rich life, full of passion and desire. it's about knowing what you want and never settling for anything less than that. it's about knowing who you are, loving yourself and telling those who don't to kick rocks! lol!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I want my hot chocolate made with hot milk! i think i really made that choice about a little over a year ago. i decided to live life for me and love me because if I don’t, who will? granted, i’ve always loved me, but when things happen and you wake up to a hot water kind of life, you re-evaluate and have to reassess what you want in life and decide how you’re going to get it!

So, my loves, live your life with hot milk in your hot chocolate! we only get 1 of these things called life. there is no dress rehearsal! there are no do-overs! therefore, i choose hot milk over hot water any day!