Thursday, September 24, 2009


True friendship is something that can forever stand the test of time. my friends (all 5 of!) are my family. "friend" is a word that i've learned not to toss around like a frisbee. you definitely have the earn the rights to rock that title in my life. nevertheless, i do have some faithful friends. some have come, many have gone and some have been around forever and a day and they just won't go away! LOL!!! i have both male and female BFF's but since this blog is dedicated to my Hot Chocolate counterparts, that shall be my focus (MBFF: male best friend forever)...

Male friends are such a blessing to real women whom are actually interested in hearing the truth sometimes. i love my male friends! i have many. they are all special in their right. there's one in particular who falls in that category of "just won't go away"! we're actually celebrating our 10 yr anniversary this year! amazing. and he's not one of those "we fell out of touch and reconnected" friends. we've literally been together for 10 yrs! it's rather crazy now that i actually think about it. we met in college (HAWK Pride, Catch It!) and now we're both less than 1 year way from obtaining the highest academic degree there is (PPARgamma 4 life!). he's actually the one who got me into this blogging non-sense. i <3 him because we can laugh, joke around and quote movies and tv shows for like ever, but then when we need to be serious and real-deal Holyfield, we can. just recently, i had to share some news with him about me and at the end of it all, i felt alright! care and concern from your MBFF is a true blessing and a gift that could never be tagged with a price.

But the ultimate MBFF is the one that has your heart. that cup of Hot Chocolate feels so much more different than all of your other BFFs. it kind of feels like it's spiked with something strong and intense! he's the one who knows just what to say, how to say it and when to say it. he has all the BFF fun time characteristics AND can be the man in your life to make you feel just like the woman you want to be. he expresses his love and affection to you without hesitation. it may come in the form of poetry, music, "just because" gifts, a significant and sensual forehead kiss, or all of the above and then some more! (yes, this does happen.) that BFF is one of a kind and should be treated as such. ladies, be real...isn't it a beautiful and comforting thing? if you can't answer "yes" to this, don't worry. i pray that one day you will be able to. and when you can, please be ready. it'll hit you like a ricochet bullet! YESSSSSS!

In summation, i have male and female BFFs alike, but my MBFFs truly make things interesting and have unique perspectives about life. so, get a MBFF, it'll change your life...LOL!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess who's back....?

OMG! It's been too long since I last visited Coco's Cafe and dropped some knowledge on you ninjas! LOL!! But no, serious face, I have not had a bit of passion or motivation to write anything. Just kind of coasting along.

But, the phoenix has risen! I'm back with a vengence! I have a new found motivation, inspiration and drive and I'm excited!

I still plan on my blog being dedicated mostly to my Hot Chocolate brothers. Sometimes I may sidebar, but I have that right because it's my blog! LOL!!

But anywho, I'm just stating my return to the blog nation and hope that you enjoy and appreciate whatever is on the menu at Coco's Cafe.