Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot Milk vs. Hot Water

My obsession with hot chocolate continues...I think everyone loves hot chocolate! if you don’t, there’s definitely something wrong with you! lol…but no, really. by reading an actual hot chocolate package, i was reminded that one can make hot chocolate by adding hot milk or hot water. i forgot about adding hot milk to make hot chocolate. so, me being the scientist i am, decided to experiment with the hot milk protocol. my oh my, what a difference a solvent makes! then I thought to myself, this can be a great blog topic: Hot Milk vs. Hot Water!

One must assume that making hot chocolate with hot milk is far more rewarding than making it with hot water and my experiment proved that to be true. i started thinking, am I living my life with hot milk or hot water? i equate these solvents to living (hot milk) vs. existing (hot water). are we all just living a hot water hot chocolate kind of life or are we living a hot milk hot chocolate kind of life?

Hot chocolate made with hot water is good, indeed. it does hit the spot and grants that comfort that we need sometimes. but, it can also be rather flat as well. this is merely existing in life my friends. we do what is required or expected from us in life and live in a box. we just do enough to make it to the next 24 hours. there is no zeal, no animation, no life! we move forward in places where we don't really want to be. we settle for mediocrity and complacency. But why?

On the other hand, hot chocolate made with hot milk is an experience! this is living life my friends! this is doing what no one expects you to do. this is laughing for no reason and loving like tomorrow is never going to be here. hot milk represents a rich life, full of passion and desire. it's about knowing what you want and never settling for anything less than that. it's about knowing who you are, loving yourself and telling those who don't to kick rocks! lol!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I want my hot chocolate made with hot milk! i think i really made that choice about a little over a year ago. i decided to live life for me and love me because if I don’t, who will? granted, i’ve always loved me, but when things happen and you wake up to a hot water kind of life, you re-evaluate and have to reassess what you want in life and decide how you’re going to get it!

So, my loves, live your life with hot milk in your hot chocolate! we only get 1 of these things called life. there is no dress rehearsal! there are no do-overs! therefore, i choose hot milk over hot water any day!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Morning! i assume by reading my title you think that this blog will about Christmas. well, you're incorrect! lol! true, the birth of our Lord and Savior is definitely the most wonderful and joyous time of the year, but there is another time that just tickles my fancy...

I <3 football season! it is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year for me. hands down, football is my all time favor-ite sport. i love sports period, but football season takes the cake. there's nothing like sitting in some freezing cold bleachers, on the edge of your seat wondering if your team will pull through in the OT clutch. i have so many fond memories of watching Redskins (yes, Redskins...go Skins) games with my daddy. ahhhh, such great times. Sunday afternoon, after church, chillin up under my daddy while mommy in the kitchen throwing down! oh, to be young again. anywho, i've digressed....

What's more better than watching football? well, that would have to be watching your Hot Chocolate watch football. it's rather hilarious if you ask me. they get so emotional and rapped up in it, it almost makes you look at them like "who are you and what have you done to my boo-ski?"...lol! nevertheless, the entire experience is the priceless.

I have found that football (or any sport for that matter) can serve as key bonding point between people. you laugh, you joke, you cuss out the officials (because they're always calling bogus calls against your team). and most importantly, you eat...lol!!! what could be better? i know, nothing.

In summation, i love football season. it brings such great joy and camaraderie to households everywhere (except if you're a Dallas fan...lol!). it's such a great time of fun and fellowship amongst the masses.

But on a serious note, i think we should all make a conscience effort to acknowledge and appreciate the interests of others. ladies, sports aren't that bad. it can actually be rather fun and educational. (and it does help a bit that the athletes are in impeccable physical shape...yessss!). even if you are anti-sports, appreciate and respect his love and passion for it. make him some wings or host his friends over to watch the game. and please don't ask him to go the store or to attend some 'girly' function during what he feels is the most important 2-3 hours of his week! lol!!! it's not that bad. trust me, understanding brings great reward (wink, wink).


Thursday, September 24, 2009


True friendship is something that can forever stand the test of time. my friends (all 5 of them...lol!) are my family. "friend" is a word that i've learned not to toss around like a frisbee. you definitely have the earn the rights to rock that title in my life. nevertheless, i do have some faithful friends. some have come, many have gone and some have been around forever and a day and they just won't go away! LOL!!! i have both male and female BFF's but since this blog is dedicated to my Hot Chocolate counterparts, that shall be my focus (MBFF: male best friend forever)...

Male friends are such a blessing to real women whom are actually interested in hearing the truth sometimes. i love my male friends! i have many. they are all special in their right. there's one in particular who falls in that category of "just won't go away"! we're actually celebrating our 10 yr anniversary this year! amazing. and he's not one of those "we fell out of touch and reconnected" friends. we've literally been together for 10 yrs! it's rather crazy now that i actually think about it. we met in college (HAWK Pride, Catch It!) and now we're both less than 1 year way from obtaining the highest academic degree there is (PPARgamma 4 life!). he's actually the one who got me into this blogging non-sense. i <3 him because we can laugh, joke around and quote movies and tv shows for like ever, but then when we need to be serious and real-deal Holyfield, we can. just recently, i had to share some news with him about me and at the end of it all, i felt alright! care and concern from your MBFF is a true blessing and a gift that could never be tagged with a price.

But the ultimate MBFF is the one that has your heart. that cup of Hot Chocolate feels so much more different than all of your other BFFs. it kind of feels like it's spiked with something strong and intense! he's the one who knows just what to say, how to say it and when to say it. he has all the BFF fun time characteristics AND can be the man in your life to make you feel just like the woman you want to be. he expresses his love and affection to you without hesitation. it may come in the form of poetry, music, "just because" gifts, a significant and sensual forehead kiss, or all of the above and then some more! (yes, this does happen.) that BFF is one of a kind and should be treated as such. ladies, be real...isn't it a beautiful and comforting thing? if you can't answer "yes" to this, don't worry. i pray that one day you will be able to. and when you can, please be ready. it'll hit you like a ricochet bullet! YESSSSSS!

In summation, i have male and female BFFs alike, but my MBFFs truly make things interesting and have unique perspectives about life. so, get a MBFF, it'll change your life...LOL!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess who's back....?

OMG! It's been too long since I last visited Coco's Cafe and dropped some knowledge on you ninjas! LOL!! But no, serious face, I have not had a bit of passion or motivation to write anything. Just kind of coasting along.

But, the phoenix has risen! I'm back with a vengence! I have a new found motivation, inspiration and drive and I'm excited!

I still plan on my blog being dedicated mostly to my Hot Chocolate brothers. Sometimes I may sidebar, but I have that right because it's my blog! LOL!!

But anywho, I'm just stating my return to the blog nation and hope that you enjoy and appreciate whatever is on the menu at Coco's Cafe.


Friday, January 30, 2009

No Sugar Added

Every friday, i attend this meeting at another institution to talk about what we all day everyday, science. anywho, i always get a cup of hot chocolate to drink during the morning meeting. well to my initial disgust, all that was left was a hot cocoa packet that read "no sugar added". WHAT? i was in utter disbelief! anywho, after i got over my initial shock, i decided to indulge anyway. i was thinking, could it be that bad? you know, "no sugar added". to my surprise, i couldn't taste a difference at all. it tasted just as the "sugar added" hot cocoa i usually drink.

Why is this important? it's really not. it just got me to thinking...maybe this is how women sometimes view men. they're looking for the package with all the flashy and appetizing "additives", like sugar. thinking that if he don't have this or don't wear that, he'll be a waste of time and definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth. but just like my hot cocoa epiphany this morning, women wrongly jump to conclusions. did you ever think that sometimes men exploit all these "additives" because they're really afraid of what they would "taste" like without them. they don't have any self-confidence. fear driven arrogance (the absolute worst kind). sometimes the men with the least can give you the most. they are simple, plain and pure, "no sugar added".

So ladies, next time you're left with the choice of "sugar" versus "no sugar", think about it first. you might be surprised. sometimes less is definitely more. AND could be better for your health! i mean when you get right down to it, chocolate in its purest form is a rich treat...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm not sure what to title this blog because i have no idea what it is going to be about. i don't have any nice things to say about Hot Chocolate today. today (this week) has been not that great. except for the phenomenal history that was made this Tuesday! maybe i can talk about that...

So many of my elders never thought they'd see the day that the United States of America would elect a African American President. but many of them, by God's grace, saw it in living color this past Tuesday. it's real. no hoax about it. but my excitement comes from the fact that we have a Hot Chocolate 1st Family! it's amazing!!! and they are beautiful!

So i guess i'll title this blog "marinate" because that's what i'll be doing for a while. just marinating on the fact that God is good and i am indeed blessed to be an American...

It is definitely Hot...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate, Please!

If there was ever a day when i needed a cup of hot chocolate, today would be today! it's approximately 20 degrees here (windchill factor not included). i'm dreading leaving my building and walking to my car.

I'll tell you what though. there is nothing like the feeling of warmth and security you get when you are tangled up in the arms of a Hot, Black man? honey, indescribable. this is definitely one of the many highlights of our male counterparts. it's instant heat. it's just something that is so welcoming and soothing about the touch. the next time you are there, just experience it. his chest, his breath, his scent. it's all apart of the adventure. i like to think of it as an escape from the cold and harsh realities of the world. wonderful treasure!

So fellas, thanks for the warmth. the strength. the comfort. the security.

As i bundle up to enter into the hawk that is outside of my door, i'll just close my eyes and think of that irreplaceable warmth and satisfaction...

Kind of like a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 1st Love

It's been a minute, this i know. after much harassment and dirty looks from "Like A Dream" (a fellow blogger), i decided to get on the good foot and jot down my thoughts for the day.

My 1st love. i think everyone remembers their 1st love. the 1st time their hearts were just a pile of puddy and everything was definitely everything! a little while ago, if you asked me "who was your 1st love?" that answer would just roll off my tongue accompanied by a huge smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye (those who know me, know exactly who and what i'm talking about). but like i said, that was a while ago. after some time and trials, i have to retract that answer. the person that you all think i'm talking about is NOT my 1st love. so i know now you're like, "well, who is it?". i'm glad you asked...

About 27 years ago (give or take a few days), i opened my eyes and my heart to the only man that could ever love me the way that i truly wanted and needed. he was my protector, my provider, my pastor, my friend. over the next few years of my life i was blown away! i never wanted for anything. i was his priority. he showed me and taught me everything he knew about love, life and the Lord. i was embraced, celebrated, loved, appreciated. i had anything and everything a girl could dream of!

If you haven't figured it out, i'm talking about MY DADDY! my 1st love. i love my daddy with all that is me. he is so awesome. he definitely gets the "daddy of the year" award from me every year! if you would have asked me a while ago who my 1st love was, i would've approached this issue from another direction. but life has taught me some things and i don't take the lessons she has to teach lightly. each day i can talk to my dad brings me joy. each day i can laugh with my dad brings me joy. each day i can embark on his wisdom brings me joy. i am blessed. i can't believe God loved me sooo much to bring such a beautiful man of God into my life from birth!

The relationship between a father and daughter is priceless. it is indescribable. it is the greatest relationship (besides the one with my Heavenly Father) that i have ever been in. and the best part is it has only just begun. as i continue to live and grow and mature, my relationship with my daddy gets better and better. i can say that he is truly my best friend. the one i can laugh with, cry to and depend on. in summation, the best man i've ever known.

Ladies- i know some of you have never experienced that 1st love experience with your earthly father, BUT i have good news! you have a Heavenly Father that loves you more than my daddy loves me. He is definitely the Man that will give all of your heart desires and love you for who you are, even when you don't love yourself. isn't He amazing. so your 1st love experience is not lost. just call on Him and He will give you that and then some.

And fellas- if you have a little girl (or plan to have one), love her. show her all the ways that a man is supposed to treat her. take her out on dates. open her doors. love her until it hurts. trust me, she will appreciate it more than you know! and then the great reward will be you seeing her blossom into the woman that you prayed for her to be...

i think i'm about to call my 1st love.

i'm out...

Monday, January 5, 2009

In the beginning...

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Genesis 1:26

Welcome of Coco's Cafe. This blog is dedicated to all things strong, hot and Chocolate. This is an ode to the Black man...I love everything about him; everything he is and especially everything he is not.

From birth, they are all beautifully and wonderfully made.

And, they should be celebrated for the wonderful creations they are until death.

Gotta love 'em. Right? Right! If you don't mind, I'd like to share with you my thoughts on what I feel is one of the greatest creations this side of heaven. Some may be bitter, some may be sweet, but it's defenitely all in love.

So please, join me. Chat with me. Experience with me. Something strong, hot and Chocolate!