Friday, January 30, 2009

No Sugar Added

Every friday, i attend this meeting at another institution to talk about what we all day everyday, science. anywho, i always get a cup of hot chocolate to drink during the morning meeting. well to my initial disgust, all that was left was a hot cocoa packet that read "no sugar added". WHAT? i was in utter disbelief! anywho, after i got over my initial shock, i decided to indulge anyway. i was thinking, could it be that bad? you know, "no sugar added". to my surprise, i couldn't taste a difference at all. it tasted just as the "sugar added" hot cocoa i usually drink.

Why is this important? it's really not. it just got me to thinking...maybe this is how women sometimes view men. they're looking for the package with all the flashy and appetizing "additives", like sugar. thinking that if he don't have this or don't wear that, he'll be a waste of time and definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth. but just like my hot cocoa epiphany this morning, women wrongly jump to conclusions. did you ever think that sometimes men exploit all these "additives" because they're really afraid of what they would "taste" like without them. they don't have any self-confidence. fear driven arrogance (the absolute worst kind). sometimes the men with the least can give you the most. they are simple, plain and pure, "no sugar added".

So ladies, next time you're left with the choice of "sugar" versus "no sugar", think about it first. you might be surprised. sometimes less is definitely more. AND could be better for your health! i mean when you get right down to it, chocolate in its purest form is a rich treat...

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  1. good post. so you're saying that since i added my own sugar to my hot chocolate that i have fear driven arrogance? rotflmao.