Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 1st Love

It's been a minute, this i know. after much harassment and dirty looks from "Like A Dream" (a fellow blogger), i decided to get on the good foot and jot down my thoughts for the day.

My 1st love. i think everyone remembers their 1st love. the 1st time their hearts were just a pile of puddy and everything was definitely everything! a little while ago, if you asked me "who was your 1st love?" that answer would just roll off my tongue accompanied by a huge smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye (those who know me, know exactly who and what i'm talking about). but like i said, that was a while ago. after some time and trials, i have to retract that answer. the person that you all think i'm talking about is NOT my 1st love. so i know now you're like, "well, who is it?". i'm glad you asked...

About 27 years ago (give or take a few days), i opened my eyes and my heart to the only man that could ever love me the way that i truly wanted and needed. he was my protector, my provider, my pastor, my friend. over the next few years of my life i was blown away! i never wanted for anything. i was his priority. he showed me and taught me everything he knew about love, life and the Lord. i was embraced, celebrated, loved, appreciated. i had anything and everything a girl could dream of!

If you haven't figured it out, i'm talking about MY DADDY! my 1st love. i love my daddy with all that is me. he is so awesome. he definitely gets the "daddy of the year" award from me every year! if you would have asked me a while ago who my 1st love was, i would've approached this issue from another direction. but life has taught me some things and i don't take the lessons she has to teach lightly. each day i can talk to my dad brings me joy. each day i can laugh with my dad brings me joy. each day i can embark on his wisdom brings me joy. i am blessed. i can't believe God loved me sooo much to bring such a beautiful man of God into my life from birth!

The relationship between a father and daughter is priceless. it is indescribable. it is the greatest relationship (besides the one with my Heavenly Father) that i have ever been in. and the best part is it has only just begun. as i continue to live and grow and mature, my relationship with my daddy gets better and better. i can say that he is truly my best friend. the one i can laugh with, cry to and depend on. in summation, the best man i've ever known.

Ladies- i know some of you have never experienced that 1st love experience with your earthly father, BUT i have good news! you have a Heavenly Father that loves you more than my daddy loves me. He is definitely the Man that will give all of your heart desires and love you for who you are, even when you don't love yourself. isn't He amazing. so your 1st love experience is not lost. just call on Him and He will give you that and then some.

And fellas- if you have a little girl (or plan to have one), love her. show her all the ways that a man is supposed to treat her. take her out on dates. open her doors. love her until it hurts. trust me, she will appreciate it more than you know! and then the great reward will be you seeing her blossom into the woman that you prayed for her to be...

i think i'm about to call my 1st love.

i'm out...

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