Friday, January 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate, Please!

If there was ever a day when i needed a cup of hot chocolate, today would be today! it's approximately 20 degrees here (windchill factor not included). i'm dreading leaving my building and walking to my car.

I'll tell you what though. there is nothing like the feeling of warmth and security you get when you are tangled up in the arms of a Hot, Black man? honey, indescribable. this is definitely one of the many highlights of our male counterparts. it's instant heat. it's just something that is so welcoming and soothing about the touch. the next time you are there, just experience it. his chest, his breath, his scent. it's all apart of the adventure. i like to think of it as an escape from the cold and harsh realities of the world. wonderful treasure!

So fellas, thanks for the warmth. the strength. the comfort. the security.

As i bundle up to enter into the hawk that is outside of my door, i'll just close my eyes and think of that irreplaceable warmth and satisfaction...

Kind of like a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate!

1 comment:

  1. Can't really relate being that i'm a man myself but i do like actual hot chocolate.

    vanderbilt friday morning lab meeting...marshmellows. you know what i'm talking about. lol