Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Morning! i assume by reading my title you think that this blog will about Christmas. well, you're incorrect! lol! true, the birth of our Lord and Savior is definitely the most wonderful and joyous time of the year, but there is another time that just tickles my fancy...

I <3 football season! it is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year for me. hands down, football is my all time favor-ite sport. i love sports period, but football season takes the cake. there's nothing like sitting in some freezing cold bleachers, on the edge of your seat wondering if your team will pull through in the OT clutch. i have so many fond memories of watching Redskins (yes, Redskins...go Skins) games with my daddy. ahhhh, such great times. Sunday afternoon, after church, chillin up under my daddy while mommy in the kitchen throwing down! oh, to be young again. anywho, i've digressed....

What's more better than watching football? well, that would have to be watching your Hot Chocolate watch football. it's rather hilarious if you ask me. they get so emotional and rapped up in it, it almost makes you look at them like "who are you and what have you done to my boo-ski?"...lol! nevertheless, the entire experience is the priceless.

I have found that football (or any sport for that matter) can serve as key bonding point between people. you laugh, you joke, you cuss out the officials (because they're always calling bogus calls against your team). and most importantly, you eat...lol!!! what could be better? i know, nothing.

In summation, i love football season. it brings such great joy and camaraderie to households everywhere (except if you're a Dallas fan...lol!). it's such a great time of fun and fellowship amongst the masses.

But on a serious note, i think we should all make a conscience effort to acknowledge and appreciate the interests of others. ladies, sports aren't that bad. it can actually be rather fun and educational. (and it does help a bit that the athletes are in impeccable physical shape...yessss!). even if you are anti-sports, appreciate and respect his love and passion for it. make him some wings or host his friends over to watch the game. and please don't ask him to go the store or to attend some 'girly' function during what he feels is the most important 2-3 hours of his week! lol!!! it's not that bad. trust me, understanding brings great reward (wink, wink).



  1. hail to the redskins! hail victory! .... even though i feel basketball is better. lol

  2. Man, you need to write this up on the billboards in every major city that has a football team and then prepare for the hate mail from the prissy girls and the adoring love from the die-hard fans! I know that we all were on the edge of our seats as the Skins held on to win and Dallas brokedown to lose this past Sunday.....is there anything better than that?